The JCOA makes every effort to form partnerships with other, relevant industry bodies and service providers and, where it considers it appropriate, negotiates discounts or advantageous terms for the benefit of JCOA members.  Further details can be found by selecting the appropriate item.

Jersey International Business School

Jersey International Business School is pleased to offer JCOA members a 20% discount on all their Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime Prevention short courses and certificated awareness programmes and a significant discount on the cost of the Anti-Money Laundering CPD Series, bookable as a series or as individiaul seminars

JCOA members will also benefit from a 20% discount on the Annual Compliance and Economic Crime Symposium and the Regulatory Summit.

Visit to view their courses

Know Your Country

One of our speakers earlier this year was Gary Youinou of Know Your Country, and Gary has kindly made available to JCOA members the following offer:

Know Your Country is pleased to announce a discounted offer price to all JCOA members of GP£395 per annum for subscription to our membership area whereby you will have unlimited access to 219 country reports, FATF mutual evaluation scoring tables and our Data Information Spreadsheet. Please contact Gary Youinou at for further details.

One Study Training

Are you or your colleagues equipped with the necessary skills to become more effective and respected Managers?

This programme is aimed at those who are responsible for the management of others in their current role or for those who are looking to meet the criteria of a management position as part of their performance development plans.

The timings are designed to minimise disruption to the working day, whilst providing relevant and cost effective CPD.


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